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Epoxy Floor Coating

Source:http://jlconcretetools.com/  Date:2020/11/21 

Garage and basement floors are often subject to major wear and tear. But the good news is that an epoxy floor coating can be a cost-effective way to protect these hard-working floors. Epoxy basement and garage floor coatings are specially formulated to outperform other types of floor paint by being both harder and more resistant to damage. In fact, an epoxy coating can increase the hardness and durability of your concrete by up to 10percent.

If you're looking for epoxy flooring contractors in the Albany area, call Concrete Raising of Upstate New York. We have extensive experience installing epoxy floor coating for local properties, and we would be happy to provide you with a free estimate for sealing your garage floor or other concrete. Whether you're interested in epoxy for your basement floor or an epoxy coating for your garage, we're here to meet all your requirements.

With more than 25 years of combined experience in the concrete business, our team is highly qualified to handle all your concrete floor coatings. We'll professionally apply this specialty epoxy coating to your floors, bringing you the benefit of great looks and extreme durability. For more information, don't hesitate to call or e-mail us today.

Epoxy Basement Floor Coating

Even without the chemical spills and hard wear of garage floors, concrete floors in basements can benefit from an epoxy coating. Helping prevent absorption of leaks and pet messes, safeguarding against cracks and chips, and generally looking great, epoxy flooring for your basement offers outstanding protection. At Concrete Raising of Upstate New York, our professionals have been applying epoxy to basement floors for decades, so we're familiar with the most effective methods of preparation and installation. If you're ready for an epoxy basement floor coating, we're here in Albany to take care of you!

Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

Garage floors can face major corrosion over the years from exposure to road salt, motor oil, gasoline, and other substances. Top that off with heavy vehicles, lawn mowers, and snow blowers being driven in and out, and it's no wonder you're in the market for garage floor refinishing! With help from Concrete Raising of Upstate New York, we can bring you a professionally applied epoxy garage floor coating to reduce the relentless wear and tear on your garage's concrete. By putting down a layer of garage floor coating, we can help you make your garage more resistant to spills, cracks, chipping, and more. Epoxy garage floor coatings are the way to go to protect your garage floor.

Contact us for a free cost estimate and to learn more about coating your basement or garage floor to maximize its durability and resiliency. Offering customized options for both residential and commercial epoxy flooring, Concrete Raising of Upstate New York is the solution you've been looking for when you want hard-wearing, attractive floor finishes for your basement, garage, or workplace.

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